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Aluminium Corner Strip

Extruded Aluminum Corners and Trims
Aluminium Strip for Corner

• Constructed of 6063-T5 aluminum,extruded aluminum corners and trims commonly replace traditional 1x trim boards made of wood, engineered wood, cellular PVC and fiber cement.
• Extruded aluminum corners and trims are decorative elements that accentuate joint details and create modern architectural
lines on single family, multi family and light construction buildings.
• Recent advances in extruded aluminum corner and trim profiles designed for outdoor use deliver enhanced water management features horizontally and vertically.

• Select extruded aluminum corners and trim profiles with large “tabs” provide additional “holding power” on inset panels thus reducing the total number of visible fasteners required to fasten the inset cladding to the
• Extruded aluminum corners and trims are made from sustainable material with 75% tob 100% post industrial and post consumer scrap and can contribute to LEEDS™ points.
• Extruded aluminum corners and trims are primarily used with fiber cement and natural wood products and have been used with vinyl and aluminum claddings as well.

The Benefits of Extruded Aluminum Corners and Trims Versus Traditional Materials
• Creates ultra-modern design aesthetic unavailable from traditional trim materials.
• Pre-built corners install quickly and less expensively that traditional materials.
• Delivers self-flashed horizontal detail unattainable with a horizontal batten strip.
• Extruded aluminum corners and trims offer a wide variety of shapes and broaden and enhance design options for architects and homeowners.
• Impact, flame and pest resistant.
• Caulk-free design lowers up front material and labor cost and eliminates long term caulk maintenance costs.

• Extruded aluminum corners and trims are available in a variety of anodized finishes that will never chip, crack, peel and underscore modern flair.
• Absence of trapped water and dimensional stability provides superior paint adherence on extruded aluminum compared to wood.
• Installation friendly, extruded aluminum does not crack or split during installation nor release silica dust when cut.
• Due to light weight, extruded aluminum is less costly to ship, handle and install.

• Blind nailing eliminates unsightly nail holes from the face of the profile.
• Latest generation extruded corners and trims designed for outdoor use require zero caulk for water management and helps extend and lower lifecycle cost.
• Aluminum is a GREEN product which can be recycled and reused over and over again.
• Extruded aluminum does not corrode or rust.
• Delivers high-performance in all weather climatic conditions.

Extruded Aluminum Corners and Trims Express Architectural Elements
• “Elements like line, shape, color and texture do not exist in isolation on a building. They are combined to make formal compositions in an architectural design creating pattern, rhythm, symmetry, balance, contrast, proportion, theme and unity. It is important that the variety of elements used for a building blend together well so the design appears unified.” THE CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF ART AND ARCHITECTURE, 2002”.
• Extruded aluminum corners and trims express and exalt architectural elements through lines, shape, shadow lines and finish.

• The creation of lines are achieved vertically and horizontally by the overall length of a given span across which the profile is used and the associated “tabs.”
• Tabs vary in size anywhere from 3/8” to ½” in thickness.
• “When there is a correspondence in size or shape of parts on either side of a bisecting whole, we say it’s symmetrical.” THE CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF ART AND ARCHITECTURE, 2002.
• Currently, extruded aluminum corners and trims are available in shapes that are symmetrical and asymmetrical.

• Outside corner: ½” tabs, ½” return
• Inside corner: ½” tabs
• Vertical profile: ½” tabs, ½” return, ½” reveal

• Outside corner: 3/8” tabs, ½” return
• Inside corner: no tabs
• Vertical profile: 3/8” tabs, ½” return, ½” reveal

Extruded Aluminum Corners and Trims Express Architectural Elements
• Extruded aluminum corners and trims are available in a wide variety of shapes that furnish architects and designers greater
aesthetic options compared to traditional 1x material commonly used for corners and batten strips.

Shadow Lines
• The contrast between light and darkness create the defining feature of shadow lines.
• Architects and designers manipulate shadow lines to create visual interest on a building by choosing materials that create a sensation of depth.
• Extruded aluminum corners and trims and their chosen finish types can deliver, subtle, elegant or bold architectural elements to a building either through the use painted finishes, anodized finishes or a combination of each.

Finish - Paint
• Tone on tone finishes whereby the corners and trims match the color of the inset cladding panels produce subtle shadow lines, hidden tabs which unify and simplify the exterior.
• Contrasting finishes whereby the corners and trims differ from the inset cladding add interest and dramatically accentuate the lines of the trims and produce a clear contrast between the corners, trims and inset cladding.

Finish - Anodized Silver
• Clear anodized (silver) corners and trims contrast against the inset cladding and create sleek architectural lines with a post-modern feel.

Finish - Anodized Black
• Black anodized corners and trims produce a distinctly luxurious appearance that in general terms, reduces the size of the building.
• Unlike black paint, black anodized aluminum are fade resistant and will not require touch up over time.

Finish - Paint and Anodized
• Cutting edge design incorporates the use of painted and anodized trims to create unique, distinct architectural elements that stand out from the crowd.