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Thermal insulation aluminum coil

Last Updated :2023/07/03

Thermal Insulation Aluminum Coil

At present, the commonly used Thermal insulation aluminum coil in the market is divided into three kinds: 1 series pure aluminum coil, 3 Series al Mn alloy, 5 Series Al Mg alloy. The 1 line of pure aluminum, the lowest price, municipal pipelines, roof insulation with more than 1 lines; high hardness 3 series aluminum coil, used in packaging parts, such as tanks, mechanical parts, refrigerator, air conditioning and refrigeration parts; 5 series aluminum roll the highest price, is a kind of excellent antirust aluminum for the special environment, such as shipbuilding, chemical, electric power, etc.

With the continuous increase of production and price decline, aluminum coil gradually replace iron sheet, zinc skin, become the main material of pipeline insulation. At present, Thermal insulation aluminum coil has been widely used in electric power, chemical industry, municipal heating, nuclear power and many other industries.

Characteristics of heat preservation aluminum coil:

1.Aluminum coils are not rusty. Aluminum is the most important reason for iron scrap in enterprises, because aluminum coils will not meet the water and rust. Iron, zinc Pibunai corrosion, exposure to natural environment, long time exposed to the weather, soon rust weathering; and aluminum water does not rust, life is much longer than that of iron and zinc skin.
2. Aluminum coil more beautiful. Aluminum is a silvery white metal, can be processed with high smoothness, very beautiful; aluminum into aluminum coil with silver white metallic luster bright, with aluminum coil insulation construction project after the completion of a unified style appearance, is a beautiful scenery line.
3. Long life of aluminum coil. Iron, zinc skin because of rust easily, in use after a few years, will gradually corrosion spalling, a construction enterprise must every few years again; and the service life of the aluminum coil is much higher than that of iron, enterprises often need only one construction, you can sleep without any anxiety.
4.aluminum coil can preserve value. The price of iron and zinc recovery of skin is very low, the scrap price is only one tenth of the original purchase, rust after no recycling value; and aluminum Recyclable is very high, because the aluminum does not rust, even with over ten years of scrap, its price can reach more than half of the spot aluminum coil that has the value function is very strong.
Therefore, heat preservation aluminum coil is suitable for pipeline insulation, power plant pipe insulation, chemical plant pipeline insulation. And a variety of insulation good choice.