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5083 Precision Aluminum Plate

Last Updated :2023/07/03

Alloy 5083-Aluminum Precision Milled Plate 

Our concept of precision
      Precision is – the accurate, precise general measurements such as thickness tolerance, flatness, parallelism and surface roughness, as well as, the focus on the systematic, interior values such as the physical, metallurgical and technological properties. The result is a reproducible maximum internal and external, maximum precision for each plate and each cut.
      Aluminium ingots made from especially developed materials based on our experience undergoes a final specific in-house heat treatment. Bypassing the conventional rolling process, our slabs are divided into plates on special saws. The sawing process is so designed that no stresses are induced into the material. The result are plates with extreme low-tension and precision-milled surfaces, very fine-grained, homogeneous micro structure and high strength values.

      On stable portal milling machines with more than 2 m wide milling heads we generate precision accuracy and the unique surface characteristic for our Precision Aluminum Plates. Each precision plate is inspected in respect of thickness, flatness, surface roughness and finally PVC- coated for surface protection.
      The available range of Precision Aluminum Plates covers all areas of application where precision in combination with higher strength values are required, such as construction of jigs & fixtures, all kind of gauges, all kind of table, indexing and transfer plates, special purpose machines and all parts that justify the term “precision part”.
(1)Product Description
Specific Notes:
*two surfaces precision milled
*excellent flatness
*stress relieved
*elevated strength
*very homogeneous
*very good corrosion resistance
(2)Typical Fields of Applications
*components requiring a lot of machining
*all kinds of side and back boards
*all kinds of base and table plates
*transfer- and indexing plates
*components requiring high strength values combined with very low residual stresses
*all kind of gauges
*displays for screens

(3)Technical data sheet
Alloy´s Characteristics
Alloy AMP5083
Type of Alloy non heat treatable
Temper homogenized and stress relieved
Surface two surfaces precision milled, roughness ≤Ra 0.4 µm, foiled on both sides
Mechanical Properties  Typical values
Yield strength Rp0,2 [MPa] 110 – 140
Ultimate tensile strength Rm [MPa] 220 – 300
Elongation A5  [%] 10 – 20
Hardness HBW [HB] 70 – 85
Physical Properties  Typical values
Density [g/cm³] 2.66
Module of elasticity [GPa] 70
Electrical conductivity [m/Ω · mm²] 16 – 19
Coefficient of thermal expansion [K-1 · 10-6] 24.2
Thermal conductivity [W/m · K] 110 – 140
Processing Characteristics 
Dimensional stability Very Good
Machinability Very Good
Erodability Very Good
Weldability (/ TIG / MIG / ERW/EBW) Good/ Good/ Good/Very Good
Corrosion resistance ( stress cracking/seawater / weather) Normal/ Good/Very Good
Highest Use temperatures ( long term/Occasional)  100/180℃ 
Polishability Very Good
Oxidability(Technical/Decorative) Good/Not application
Contact with food (according to EN 602) Good
Thickness  [mm] Flatness [mm]  Roughness Width & Length [mm]
/-0.12mm ≤ 0.35mm/m(T≤15mm)
≤ 0.13mm/m(T>15mm)
≤ 0.4 µm 0/ 6mm & 0/ 10mm
Standard Stock Sizes
Plate Dimension [mm] 1,470 × 3,000 in thickness of 6mm – 250 mm
 Max Width:2500mm 2,500 × 3,000 Max Length:6000mm