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Selection of common enameled electromagnetic wires

Last Updated :2023/07/03

Selection of Common Enameled Electromagnetic Wires

1, polyester enamelled aluminum wire to B level, and the modified polyester enamelled aluminum wire belong to F level, they are widely used in B and F level motor wingding coil , has good mechanical properties and high heat resistance, can be used for high speed winding machine for winding coil, but polyester enamelled aluminum wire heat shock resistanceand moisture resistant performance is poor.

2, polyesterimide enamelled aluminum wire belongs to the class H insulation wire has good heat resistance, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, resistance to styrene,  resistant to fluoride- 12 etc performance, but the fluoride-12 resistant performance is poor, in a closed system should avoid contact with fluoride materials, such as fluorine rubber, polyvinyl fluoride. Should by selecting suitable heat resistant grades soaking paint.

3, polyesterimide enamelled aluminum wire belongs to class C insulated conductor, its heat resistance, mechanical properties, chemical resistance and fluoride-12 resistance performance is good.

4, polyimide enamelled aluminum wire belongs to the class C insulation wire, widely used in the motor winding with high temperatureresistance, cold resistance, radiation resistance , its temperature is high, can withstand the fusion temperaturegreatly, with chemical resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance and resistance to fluoride-12 and fluorine- 22 etc performance. The wear resistance of the coating film is poor, so should not be used in high speed line winding machine. In addition, no alkali resistance. Better performance can be obtained by using silicone attack paint and aromatic polyimide paint.